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Michael Jackson

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gone Too Soon (tribute to Michael Jackson)

Gone Too Soon (tribute for Michael)

I Remember The Time…
A diamond was formed
Out of tough love and big dreams
Genius was squeezed out
Of a source of infinite potential
Vocal maturity encased in a small boy
Whose personality eclipsed his reality
Childhood eluded him for years
Neverland was childhood come to life
A chance to feel carefee
Embracing his life innocently
Don’t stop Til You Get Enough
Seemed to be his motto
He made us want to Scream
That he was Unbreakable
And that there can be no other
Who can be Black or White
Or a Smooth Criminal….
At the Break of Dawn-
We were all Speechless
But tried to Keep the Faith
When we heard the news
Nothing prepared us for the loss
Of a living soundtrack
That created the music of our era
And we can fondly recall
Billy Jean, Dirty Diana, Liberian Girl, Little Suzie,
or that P.Y.T…
His music set the tone
When we all ran home
To see the World Premiere Video
The eager world paused for this gentle spirit
Who moonwalked into the hearts and homes
Of millions who still swoon
This Time Around
Family and friends remember each and every song like snapshots
He punctuated our musical history
He used his music to Heal the World
He told us We Are Here to Change The World
And if we Wanna Be Startin’ Something
We need One More Chance
to Shout and Say, Say, Say
Keep The Faith
And Come Together
Musically interwoven
This tapestry is our Earth Song
Rooted deep in spirit
This music is our HIStory
Coloring our world
Michael Jackson was and will always be…
The Man
a Thriller and sometimes Off The Wall
He embodied a uniquely incomparable sound and swagger
So, For All Time
The Man In The Mirror
For me, will always be…

Debra Townes- ©2009