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Saturday, January 24, 2009

We are living in an amazing time....

This is the time for a revolution
time for an evolution of purpose
rising up and beyond the test of time
we are the seeds of a new beginning
nurtured with the hope of a better tomorrow
we seek to be our very best
in the very worst of times
we live as a nation in transition
a nation of diversity, culture, ideas
we are the bad and the good
we are the believers, and the doubters
the rich and the poor the gay and the straight
the left or the right
those who believe that a prophecy was fulfilled
those who think that this is long overdue
and those who think this is right on time
We stand now humbled for this opportunity
to show the world our true lineage
We now stand proudly as one nation
united by our common humanity
that transcends the trappings of color or station
we are a nation of change
of hope
of possibilities
we are what other countries dream to be
the land of the free (now)
yet we are still slaves to foreign oil
and we are falling behind in green technology
not to mention our trillion dollar debt to China
but as President Obama says:
We all rise and fall as one nation...
so it is time for us to care for and care more
for our fellow human beings
in a time where nerves are frayed and money is short
where a paying job is an elusive dream
working to pay the bills is the reality
facing rising costs of EVERYTHING
knowing that if two wars never began
and money wasn't misspent
and transparency given
and the guilty truly punished
we would have less debt, less waste and some peace for a change
but what we do have is an opportunity to finally
get it right
to finally show the world
what we as a people are made of
We are the best when we are tested
but like the lily, we flourish in dirt
for we are connected to this earth

Our growth as a country as a people
is shining forth through the children
who for the first time are part of the process
the shift in our reality is beginning
we are staring at the same horizon now
the new beacon of hope has been ignited
and we, those of us who can remember
back to the struggles of the past and present day
can now feel this new spark
foretold by some and mocked by many
when history will note the transformation of a world's mindset
in a country where new quotes,ideas and ideals bloom
On this inauguration day....
The call to service is resolute and clear
On this inauguration day....
our humanity will shine through

On this new vista we stand together proudly
in our home, this land of opportunity
and know without a doubt...

We are all ONE.

copyright 2009 - Debra Townes

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